Herbal Apothecary

Why Herbal Medicine?
Arguably the oldest form of human medicine, herbs offer a complex mixture of phytochemicals which protect the body while effectively guiding it to a balanced state. The Chinese unique style of herbalism is founded on advanced medical theory and the ability to distinguish various constitutional types and medical patterns. Chinese herbal medicines tend to be prescribed in very large quantities (often 5-10x the strength of an average bottle of western herb capsules) and this allows for them to produce results very quickly, often faster than western medicines. Because of the natural complexity of herbs and humans longstanding relationship with them (100s of thousands of years), herbal medicines are able to create these powerful health outcomes without extreme side effects, while adding much needed nourishment to our bodies.

How does treatment work?
Joel offers phone and in-person consults on herbal medicine. Herbal consults are very commonly completed over the phone. In person consults meet at 220 N. 5th Ave, in your home, or other meeting place (to be determined). At the end of your consultation, a follow up time will be scheduled for you to pick up your herbal medicines. Herbal medicines may also be delivered (for an additional fee). Please call Joel at 734-315-0573 to set up an in-person consult, or click here to set up a 60min phone herbal consult. Before your initial visit, please complete and return (by email) the following form: intake-form-inner-culture.

In addition to prescribing high potency medical herb formulas, Joel also recommends general herbs, vitamins and supplements to maintain good health, many of which are available through Emerson Ecologics, a large national distributor of high end herbal and nutritional products. Through a service called Wellevate, you can choose from a large selection of products (over 275 different brands!) which are shipped directly to your door for only $5!

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