Qigong Class

Inner Culture Institute offers classes in the movement arts Chen Taichi, Bagua Zhang and Qigong.

Qigong combines breath-work with meditation and movement to stimulate acupuncture channels, open up the flow of Qi (energy)and cultivate health. Chan Si (Silk Reeling) Qigong uses spiraling circular movements to develop careful body mechanics and generate internal power. Chan Si lays the foundation for Chen Taiji. Hun Yuan (Primordial) Qigong is a Taoist longevity qigong set. It collects and nourishes the body’s Qi to supplement the body essence.

Chen Taiji (Taichi)
Chen Taiji Chuan, a seemingly gentle practice is known in China as one of the highest level martial arts. It joins together the meditative healing movements of silk reeling qigong into a choreographed dance-like form which tells a story of martial combat. The graceful movements, while developing health of both body and mind, are also applied as self defense techniques through partner practices known as push hands. 

Bagua Zhang
Bagua Zhang is a lesser known cousin of Taichi. Using many similar Qigong principals as its foundation, Bagua includes circular walking patters which allow the practitioner to ensnare their opponent. As intricate as it is graceful, Bagua is famous for training defense against up to 8 attackers simultaneously. For those with less of a martial focus, it also provides a greatly improved sense of balance and coordination, surety of step and the ability to turn on a dime.

Weekly Class Schedule


7-8:30pm Hun Yuan Qigong/Bagua Zhang


7-8:30pm Chan Si Qigong/Chen Taiji Chuan

(Please call 734-315-0573 in advance if you would like to drop in for a class.)

$20 per 90min class; $10 each additional class within the same calendar month. Call 734-315-0573 for more information.

Classes are held at 220 N. 5th Ave in downtown Ann Arbor.