Chinese Medicine


 What is Chinese Medicine?
Chinese medicine is a comprehensive system of healthcare addressing endless health conditions naturally by guiding the body/mind to a harmonious state. When there is inner balance, the outer expression (illness, symptoms) naturally fade away. Acupuncture is the most well-known Chinese medicine therapy in the west, however, Chinese medicine actually employs a large number of healing tools, many of which are much more powerful than acupuncture. These include acupressure, herbal medicine, Qigong Movement Therapy (applied Qigong exercises), nutritional strategies and meditation techniques. After thorough discussion and assessment utilizing many Chinese medicine diagnostic tools, including tongue and pulse, Joel will prescribe select a combination of therapies best suited to your situation.

Acupressure is the oldest and most trusted technique for stimulating the acupuncture channels. When specific pathways in the body (meridians) are activated through touch and other tools, areas of stagnation become unblocked and the mind and body are made at ease. When Qi can circulate harmoniously, the body returns to its natural, original state where it is free from pain and illness. Joel specializes in meridian based modalities that do not involve drawing blood. These include finger pressure, non-puncture (press) needles, topical herbal preparations, tui-na bodywork, cupping and moxibustion.  Together these acupressure techniques can address a variety of health needs, especially those of musculoskeletal nature, for example neck and shoulder pain, back pain, tendonitis (including tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome) arthritis and much more. 
Herbal Medicine
By far the most versatile and powerful of all the Chinese healing modalities, herbal medicine is able to treat complex and advanced medical problems with the most minimal of side effects. Joel offers phone and in-person consults on herbal medicine. Click here to learn more about herbal medicine and the Inner Culture Herbal Apothecary. 
What is Qigong Movement Therapy?
Qigong Movement Therapy (QMT) is a system of healing exercise in which Qigong techniques are applied to address specific health concerns. To keep body tissues relaxed and functioning well (restriction and pain free), specific Qigong movements are prescribed therapeutically, similar to physical therapy. Easy to learn, these exercises offer profound benefit through simple guided and home practice. QMT is often supplemented with other modalities including bodywork and self-massage, as well as the application of heat or topical herbs. Learn more about Qigong classes here.
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 Dietary Instruction
Tui Na
Topical Herbs
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