When specific pathways in the body (meridians) are activated through touch, needles and other tools, areas of stagnation become unblocked and the mind and body are made at ease. When Qi can circulate harmoniously, the body returns to its natural, original state where it is free from pain and illness. Joel specializes in meridian based modalities that do not involve drawing blood. These include non-puncture (press) needles, topical herbal preparations, tui na bodywork, cupping and moxibustion.

Tui Na
Tui Na is an invigorating form of bodywork which comes from the sports medicine traditions of China.  Traditionally performed on top of clothing, Tui Na is known for a great variety of hand techniques designed to loosen the soft tissue (muscles and tendons), directly affect the flow of energy in the body, and realign the musculoskeletal system. 

Location Information:
Joel sees clients Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1829 W Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor; Tuesdays and Thursdays he also sees clients downtown at 220 N. 5th Ave. 

Initial visits for Acupuncture and Bodywork are $120/90min. Return visits are $80/hour.

How to set up an appointment:
Please call 734-315-0573 to schedule. Before your first appointment, fill out the following intake-form.