What is Inner Culture?
Culture has its roots in the word ‘cultivation’. Both biological (bacterial) culture and human culture share the idea of cultivation: growing something, nurturing and tending to it. Inner culture is the idea that within each human there is a culture which also can be nurtured. Chinese medicine, sees the body as a reflection of the world with many different environments (a mini earth, if you will). These have complex relationships with one another and are affected by many factors, including the external environment (weather patterns), what we eat and the herbs we use, as well as how we think. When we are unable to maintain a balance of all these factors, our inner environment becomes disturbed, and externally symptoms express. From this perspective true healthcare is not a simple matter of treating illnesses or reducing symptoms, but balancing the inner environment with the external environment and cultivating a vibrant, harmonious state within the body and mind. 

 What do we offer?
To facilitate a holistic approach to internal balance, Inner Culture Institute offers comprehensive Chinese medical services, emphasizing Acupressure, Herbal Medicine and Qigong Movement Therapy.  Our goal is not only to provide effective natural therapies, but to empower each person in their own healthcare. Joel Robbins, MAcOM guides clients in the use of herbs, nutrition, exercises and other lifestyle changes, and he teaches ongoing group classes in Taichi, Qigong and movement arts. Using traditional Chinese diagnostic methods and constitutional analysis, he will identify patterns of imbalance and help you develop a personalized health care program to address them. Joel has successfully treated a great variety of medical conditions, and has extensive experience with allergies (seasonal allergies, food allergies and skin allergies), reproductive, urinary and respiratory issues, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including arthritis, tendonitis and chronic muscle pains.
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Joel wants to put the power of Chinese medicine into your hands! This is why he likes to say, “Learn to fish for Qi/Energy, you’ll have Qi for a lifetime!”